Foods that Turn-off the Fat Gene

Foods that Turn-off the Fat Genefoods that turn-off the fat gene

Researchers from the MIT and Harvard have found out how a certain part of your DNA, known as the FTO gene effects how our bodies metabolize and store fat.

Those who may have inherited the faulty gene usually weigh an average of 7 pounds more than those who don’t have the gene (however, people often weigh much more). Thankfully, we have the power of foods. By chowing down on some of these superfoods, you may be able to reverse your genetics and start dropping pounds.


Many studies have found that quinoa helps our bodies loose belly fat. It is a complete protein grain and packed with amino acids essential for weight loss and muscle building. Quinoa is also high in lysine, an amino acid that may help burn fat and restore bone and skin health.

Green Tea

Drinking a few cups of green tea each day is another excellent way to boost weight loss and metabolism. It helps improve how fast calories are burned, especially for those who exercise often. It also helps manage blood sugar levels and curbs hunger.


Blueberries are a very well-known superfood with many amazing health benefits. They are packed with polyphenols, a special compound that helps prevent fat from forming. Blueberries also actively help burn belly fat. It is thought that the catchines from the fruit activate what’s called the fat-burning gene. The skins of blueberries are also loaded with ursolic acid, which can help build muscles.


Spices are an essential ingredient in the culinary world. Spices have many health benefits. Mustard seeds are known to have anti-cancer properties, whereas cinnamon helps improve the insulin response. Turmeric, another favorite spice, helps reduce fat storage.


The protein found in beef is said to be a fat burning miracle and the building block to a toned belly. Not only does it keep the body full, it also helps the body use more calories in order to digest.

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