Hidden Health Benefits of Garlic

Hidden Health Benefits of Garlic

Hidden Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is an ancient healing remedy that is believed to treat a number of medical conditions. Many of the healing powers of garlic have been backed by researchers, claiming it to be one of the best natural remedies for health ailments. Below we have some amazing hidden health benefits of garlic:

1. Low in Calories

Garlic is an excellent low-caloric way to get plenty of nutrients into all your meals. It is rich in Vitamin B1, calcium, copper, iron and potassium. Garlic can be added into fresh salad dressings, homemade soups, sauces, casseroles and more.

2. Prevents Colds and Flu

Garlic is a well-known and very effective immunity booster. A recent study has found that regular garlic consumption reduced the number of colds by nearly 63 percent. If you find that you are very susceptible to getting colds, consider adding more garlic into your diet. Whenever you feel symptoms coming on, simply chop up a few cloves of garlic and swallow.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest causes of death around the world, which is why we need to be taking the right steps to reduce the risks. Researchers have found that garlic supplementation had a positive effect on reducing blood pressure for those who have hypertension. To achieve the necessary amount of allicin, you will need to consume up to four cloves of garlic each day.

4. Improves Brain Health

Garlic contains powerful brain boosting antioxidants that support the body’s protective mechanisms against damage caused to the brain. High doses of garlic can help increase the amounts of those protective antioxidants.

5. Improves Bone Health

A study has found that eating garlic regularly can reduce bone loss by increasing estrogen in women. Studies found that a daily dose of dry garlic extract significantly reduced the chances of estrogen deficiencies in menopausal women.

6. Improves Thyroid Health

The high levels of iodine present in garlic have shown to be a beneficial treatment for those suffering from hyperthyroid.

7. Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial

When garlic is chopped or cut is releases high levels of allicin, a sulfuric compound that acts as a natural antibiotic and has a powerful effect on the body.

8. Strengthens Hair 

The high levels of allicin in garlic has also shown to be effective in reducing hair loss. It is recommended to rub garlic slices directly onto your scalp to strengthen hair and growth.

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