How to Eat Out on a Gluten Free Diet 1

How to Eat Out on a Gluten Free Diet

If you have a gluten intolerance eating out can sometimes be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the party. Here are some tips on how to eat out on a gluten free diet. How to Eat Out on a Gluten Free Diet

Eat Before

Eating a small meal before dinning out is great way to help reduce cravings and overeating but also so you’re mouth isn’t watering over the bread basket everyone else is diving into. This is also helpful if you’re unfamiliar with the restaurant and find out they do not serve a gluten-free menu. This way you won’t be starving and you will still be able to enjoy your time. Furthermore, you may want to consider taking a small snack with you to the restaurant so you can enjoy a small appetizer before your meal arrives.

Call Ahead of Time

To avoid waiting and a long list of questions while out with friends or family, consider calling the restaurant ahead of time to ensure they do have a gluten-free menu and what options can be prepared gluten-free if not.

Avoid Sauces and Dressings

Avoid all sauces and marinades if possible and stick to grilled, broiled or baked dishes without all that sauce. Since most sauces do contain gluten, ask you server for you meat or fish to be pre-pared with only olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon. Most restaurants are willing to make accommodations for those with sensitivities.

Eat More Veggies

A lot of side dishes are gluten-based and in some cases so are the french fries. Opt for sauteed, steamers or fresh veggies as a side or salad with a gluten free dressing if possible. If gluten-free salad dressing isn’t an option, consider drizzling your salad with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Don’t Forget Dessert

Just because you’re unable to tolerate gluten doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a sweet treat after a meal. Opt for a fruit sorbet, fresh fruit bowl or ice cream. A lot of plain ice cream is gluten-free, just remember to check with your server before ordering. And if you’re lucky, they may also serve a gluten-free dessert menu as well.

Talk to Your Server

Before ordering anything, alert your server that you are unable to tolerate gluten and always ask if a gluten-free menu is available. This will help prevent any cross-contamination and confusion for the whole party.

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