How to Eat Probiotics like a Pro

How to Eat Probiotics like a Pro

How to Eat Probiotics like a Pro

If probiotics aren’t already a part of your diet, it’s time to include them. They are highly beneficial and thankfully, you don’t need to switch up your entire diet to reap the benefits. Whether you choose to take a supplement or fill your diet with probiotic rich foods, you can’t go wrong.

Probiotics are a form of beneficial bacteria, that when including into the diet can help stimulate natural enzymes and processes that stimulate digestion and overall gut health. And while many of us know the great benefits of probiotics, not all of us know how to utilize their benefits. Continue reading below to learn how to take probiotics like a pro and include them into your diet.

You don’t need a supplement

Supplements are a great starting point for including probiotics into the diet. Though they are also excellent and beneficial when you get them from your food. Not only do probiotic-rich foods taste great, they are also easy to include into your meals. Probiotic-rich foods include kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, dark chocolate (in moderation), wine, etc.

Cooking with Probiotics

When adding probiotics to your meals, it is best to consume them raw, which means you don’t want to cook them. They offer the most benefits when in their natural and raw form of live and active cultures. Before adding fermented foods to soups or other dishes turn of the heat. This will ensure that the probiotics remain in their natural state, ensuring you reap the most benefits.

Time it right

If you’re planning on getting your supply of probiotics through food and beverages, start in the morning and try to incorporate probiotics throughout the day with each meal. Start off with yogurt and granola for breakfast, choose a salad or wrap for lunch filled with pickled veggies, and opt for a probiotic rich snack if possible. And if you’re taking a supplement, it is recommended to take it before bed, as your body will do a better job at digesting it.

You can never have too many

You can never have “too many” probiotics in the diet. However, you will want to eat a variety of probiotic rich foods, as many of them come in different strains and provide distinct digestive benefits. If you’re filling up on probiotic rich foods, be sure to include plenty of different types of probiotic-rich foods into your diet each day.

Try new things

As you begin to incorporate probiotics into your diet, don’t be afraid to try new things. Get creative with your meals when adding in probiotics and consider incorporating them into some of your current favorite meals. There is also a number of probiotic-rich products available at most health food stores. Just be sure you’re buying a high-quality product free added ingredients.

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