How to Have Naturally Fabulous Hair in the Winter

How to Have Naturally Fabulous Hair in the Winter

Cold winter months tend to bring on static and dry hair challenges for most. Low temperatures cause dry scalps and over shampooing can strip away what little moisture we do have! Fortunately, we have done our research on naturally caring for winter hair. We also have some incredible natural hair care products that you need to know about!

Our best tips for naturally caring for hair in cold weather:

It’s crucial that you don’t over shampoo your hair in cold winter months. It’s recommended that you only shampoo your hair two to three times per week, max! We all love having fresh, clean hair, but shampoo tends to strip away what little moisture our scalps do have in the winter. If needed, you can rinse your hair with a natural conditioner on the days that you aren’t shampooing. This will help give your hair a good rinse and moisturize it at the same time. Use a coconut oil hair mask at least once a week, or a light oil hair mask every night. Coconut oil has hundreds of uses, and has been shown to increase hair growth, nourish damaged ends, and provide a shiny complexion while moisturizing the scalp. Simply massage the coconut oil into your scalp and on any dry or damaged strands for natural hair nutrition.

What to do with static filled hair:

If you have long hair, you most likely struggle with a static mess in the winter. Brush with a natural bristle brush, it will help o drive the natural oils from your scalp and into your hair. Fly-away strands can be tamed with a little bit of vitamin E, olive, or coconut oil. Try to stay away from wool and acrylic hats, and stick with cotton hats to avoid static.

What to do with a dry scalp:

Avoid washing your hair every day and when needed, massage your scalp with a high quality olive oil, coconut oil, or Vitamin E. If you feel like you’re needed to “wash” your hair every single day, try rinsing with warm water. It will help clean your hair without drying out your scalp even more.

Our top rated natural hair care products:

 Ojavan mineral enriched balancing shampooIt’s important to choose a natural shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free. Toxins found in most shampoo’s will not only damage your hair, but can also be absorbed into the body. Shampoo should actually nourish your hair with natural ingredients. Ojavan’s mineral enriched balancing shampoo does just that! It’s an ideal shampoo for all hair types, damaged thin, course or curly hair. It will renew softness and manageability without excess build-up or residue. It has been infused with Great Salt Lake (America’s Dead Sea) trace minerals and Moroccan Argan oil. This incredible shampoo is certified vegan and meets whole foods standards.




Ojavan Moisturizing Conditioner

Ojavan’s Mineral Enriched Shampoo pairs beautifully with their Extreme Moisturizing Conditioner. This lovely conditioner gives maximum moisture and healing for dry, curly, course, or damaged hair. It is infused with organic aloe, lavender, Moroccan argan oil, and Great Salt Lake trace minerals. Your hair will respond becoming shiny, healthy, manageable, and beautiful!





Ojavan Hair Therapy Finishing Serum

Ojavan’s Natural Hair Therapy finishing serum is made from a magical blend of six must have ingredients finishes your hair with hydration and shine. Leaving it beautifully healthy and smooth. Argan oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Meadowfoam oil, Vitamin E and Lemon essential oil. This hair serum benefits the hair by giving it a beautiful shine treatment, heat protection and is a deep moisturizer.




We would love to hear your thoughts on this article, and please share your natural winter hair care tips below!

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