Instant Coconut Water Powder

Instant Coconut Water Powder

Instant coconut water powder supports the modern lifestyle, while providing your body with all of the many thirst-quenching benefits of fresh coconut water.  The coconut water powder is made from the juice of fresh organic coconuts, which has been removed and freeze-dried to seal in the nutrition and quality taste.  instant coconut water powder

Coconut water has been enjoyed traditionally for thousands of years in tropical cultures around the world, and can be found today in most natural food stores and online. Containing 5 key electrolytes: sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, known to support hydration rapidly, makes coconut water a great alternative to sports drinks.  It’s also rich in many vitamins and minerals such as iron and manganese. 

Benefits of coconut water powder:

  • Contains more potassium than a banana
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Contains 5 key electrolytes
  • Light weight – easy to pack around
  • Only 35 calories per serving
  • Thirst-quenching, nutritional drink
  • No refined sugars

Consuming coconut water on the go couldn’t be any more simple than adding 1 Tbsp of powder into a cup or more of water, for instant hydration. This powder mixes very well with water, and can also be added to smoothies, shakes, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

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