Is Organic Baby Clothing Necessary?

Organic newborn baby clothing

Organic newborn baby clothing is becoming very popular with new and pregnant mothers. Many are making the switch to almost or all organic baby clothing for their newborns. Babies skin is so delicate and sensitive, it’s also much thinner than an adults skin, so they absorb chemicals much easier. Some chemicals that are found in non-organic clothing can cause visible skin irritation and rashes.

Pesticides on cotton

Cotton crops are considered the dirtiest crop due to their heavy use of pesticides. Not only are these crops used for making clothes, but also personal care, bedding, furniture, etc.  Cotton is also one of the top four GMO crops produced in the world. On average 90% of cotton crops are GM (in 2010), however, now most all cotton is genetically engineered. So not only are you getting pesticides and toxic chemicals, you could be putting GMO’s on your new baby when you purchase non-organic baby clothing – now that’s scary!

Eco-friendly and Sustainable options

It is a choice you make every day whether or not to support organic agriculture, and it is a crucial choice to make. You can choose to shop from companies that carry organic clothing options and use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging materials.  When you shop organic, you help create a demand for certified organic food, clothing and other textiles.

Organic newborn baby clothing

Organic baby clothing is free of harmful toxins and pesticides. When you shop organic, you’re supporting sustainable industries and stores. Organic clothing doesn’t contain dangerous flame retardants, heavy metals or GMOs.


Not only are organic baby and kids clothing options better for the environment and your health, they are naturally soft, great quality and hypoallergenic. Some of our favorite organic baby clothing companies are:

Wild Ivy is a great place to shop for organic newborn baby and kids clothing, they also use eco-friendly packaging materials.  They also offer free shipping and returns on US orders, so if you are not satisfied with an item you can return it.

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