Lower Blood Pressure with Black Sesame Seeds

Lower Blood Pressure with Black Sesame Seeds

lower blood pressure with black sesame seeds

Did you know? Black sesame seeds are full of powerful disease-fighting phytonutrients? Who would have thought this amazing little seed could be so powerful? Black sesame seeds have been used by many different cultures throughout the world. Although, many people are not even aware of this powerful superfood.

Sesame seeds are loaded antioxidants, especially vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, as well as tocopheryl, which reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, and fights inflammation.

Black sesame seeds have been show to significantly lower blood pressure

Researchers have shown that black sesame seeds can lower blood in both men and women. Researchers tested 30 men and women with the general age of 50 years old. They were considered ‘pre-hypertensive’ which means their blood pressure levels were high but not high enough to be prescribed medication.

The men and women’s blood pressure was taken before and after a four week study. During that four weeks, the patients did not take any medications or supplements. The participants we divided into 2 groups. Researches gave one group 6 placebo capsules everyday, while the other group was given 6 capsules of 420 milligrams of black sesame seed meal.

Researchers found that the group given sesame seed meal had significantly decreased blood pressure. The results, after 4 weeks their average systolic blood pressure was 121 mmHg, while the average blood pressure of the placebo group was 129 mmHg.

Is there a difference between black and white sesame seeds?

So, add more sesame seeds to your diet! Sesame seeds can sprinkled over any dish, added into smoothies, salads, and mixed in with any homemade bread. Whatever way you decide to eat black sesame seeds just make sure to double up.

Other ways to lower blood pressure

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