How to Lower Inflammation in the Body

How to Lower Inflammation in the Body

How to Lower Inflammation in the Body

Chronic inflammation is triggered by a number of risk factors. However, when left untreated, chronic inflammation can lead to a number of serious health concerns and even disease. Thankfully many of these risk factors are within your control and can be managed with a few simple lifestyle changes. Continue reading blow to learn more on how to lower inflammation in the body.

1. Eat more plant-based foods.

A plant-based diet is filled with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and compounds that naturally lower inflammation in the body, improve glucose levels, manage blood pressure and aid in weight loss. Minimizing your intake of animal-based products and processed foods will also reduce inflammation in the body, as they are pro-inflammatory.

2. Normalize your sleep level.

When our body is suffering from inadequate levels of sleep, our immune system kicks into high gear in an effort to keep us well, which can lead to inflammation. It is recommended that we are getting at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night while also managing stress. When we are stressed, the body produces more of the hormone cortisol, which also causes inflammation.

3. Exercise Regularly.

Regular, daily exercise can easily reduce inflammation in the body while also lowering blood sugar and stress levels. Take your exercise outside for additional benefits and stress relieving properties.

4. Reduce toxins in your home.

Cut back on your exposure to toxins by consuming more organic foods, less processed and pre-packaged foods and choosing non-toxic household items and cleaners. You can purchase non-toxic cleaners in stores or simply make your own at home. Also, stick to home cooked meals, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

5. Juice.

Start each morning with a powerful anti-inflammatory juice or smoothie, packed with fruits, veggies, turmeric and ginger. Along with fruits and veggies, turmeric and ginger also have natural anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to many health benefits.

6. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Avoid tobacco and consume alcohol within moderation, as both may lead to inflammation in the body.

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