Natural Remedies for Stress-related Discomforts

Natural Remedies for Stress-related Discomforts

Natural Remedies for Stress-related Discomforts

When we are stressed, we often experience tightened muscles, migraines, and even upset stomach. While these symptoms may be minor at first, the most you stress, the more severe they seem to get.

Thankfully, there are many  safe, nondrug remedies for these ailments. From mind-calming teas to stretching and aromatherapy. Below are the natural remedies for stress related discomforts we recommend.


  • Chamomile tea is an excellent way to soothe the mind and reduce pain.
  • Studies show that lavender essential oil can help reduce headaches related to stress. You can apply it topically inhale it or add it a diffuser.
  • Stretching is also an excellent way to relieve a headache. You can find specific stretches for relieving headache pain below.
  1. Shrug your shoulders up, and down, forward and back.
  2. Stretch your chin forward, upward and from shoulder to shoulder.
  3. Press your palm to your forehead and hold it there, there press each hand on the side of the head.

Repeat each stretch 3-5 times, for at least five seconds and give yourself five seconds to relax after each stretch.

Upset stomach

Ginger is well-known for it’s it’s anti-nausea benefits. However, the use of cayenne, chamomile, peppermint, and fennel has also shown to help relieve an upset tummy. You can sip on a nice ginger tea to relieve a grumpy gut, apply some peppermint oil or opt for cayenne supplements. These ingredients can also easily be added to a fruit smoothie, soup or taken on their own.

Tension in the neck

  • Refer to the headache section for stretches to relieve a sore neck and don’t forget to practice good posture.
  • Apply a heating pad, switching off with an ice pack.
  • Lavender oil can also be used, however, we highly recommend using RX muscle repair gel.
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Warm Epsom salt bath.


Stress eating is never a good idea. However, snacking on healthy, fatigue-fighting foods may help combat laziness and boost energy levels. Opt for foods like fish, nuts, dark chocolate (80% cacao), eggs, pumpkin seeds, melons, and edamame.

Trouble sleeping

If you are having trouble sleeping, consider setting a diffuser next to your bed at night with lavender essential oil and refer to this five-step list.

  • 10 hours before bed: Stop drinking caffeine.
  • 3 hours before bed: No more food or alcohol.
  • 2 hours before bed: Stop working.
  • 1 hour before bed: Turn off ALL screens.
  • Don’t hit the snooze button.

Back pain

Backaches seem to get the best of us, especially when stress is involved. Consider, practicing yoga or back pain related exercise every night to soothe pain. You can also use RX muscle repair gel for these pains as well.

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