Natural Sore Throat Remedies

Natural Sore Throat Remediesnatural sore throat remedies

We have all had to suffer with a sore throat from time to time. Sore throats can be triggered by the changing in weather, too much stress, and even exhaustion, they may also be the first sign of a cold and or a more serious issue like strep throat.

Most Americans head right for the over the counter medications which may provide instant relief but not long term and they may also cause side effects.

Natural remedies are one of the most safe and effective ways for healthy sore throat relief. Below we have provided you with a few natural sore throat remedies.


Garlic is a rich source of allicin, which is a compound that helps destroy the bacteria that causes strep throat, pain, swelling, and irritation. Garlic can be cut up into chunks and swallowed, placed in cheeks and sucked on, or even add extra into your cooking.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used by many people as a natural health remedy for years. One of the biggest health issues ACV is used for is a soar throat, apple cider vinegar has high amounts of acidity which is ideal for killing bacteria . Apple cider vinegar, hot water, and honey are an excellent warm drink for soothing and relieving a sore throat.


Honey is known to be one of the most loved and most used of all home remedies. People have long been using honey as a natural sore throat remedy for many years, honey can be used in tea, hot water, or taken straight. Studies have found that honey effectively tames colds and coughs. It also acts as a natural wound healer which speeds up the healing process of a sore throat.

Salt Water

Many studies have shown that gargling salt water can actually reduce swelling in the throat and loosen mucus which helps wash out bacteria. It is generally been recommended to at 1/2 a teaspoon to a glass of water. If the water is too salty for your liking add a little honey for sweetness and added benefits. Try this remedy several times a day.

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