“Nature’s Multi-Vitamin” Moringa

“Nature’s Multi-Vitamin” Moringa

"Nature's Multi-Vitamin" Moringa

"Nature's Multi-Vitamin" MoringaThe Moringa Tree is touted as “Nature’s Multi-Vitamin” because of its very dense nutritional properties. When compared “ounce for ounce,” the leaves have been touted to contain about the same Calcium as 4 glasses of milk, the same amount of Potassium as 3 bananas, the same Vitamin C as 7 oranges, and the same Vitamin A as 4 carrots.

  • “Nature’s Multi-Vitamin”
  • Plant Source Calcium
  • Support Bone Health
  • Promote Health Skin & Nails

Why is Fruitrients so much Better?
Fruitrients exotic fruit supplements using the best organically grown ingredients in the purest, most concentrated form possible. Our formulas are 100% Additive-Free for the highest quality fruit supplements available in the highest concentrations of ONLY the active ingredients…without any added sugar!

Why pay for “Sugar Water”?
Most of the fruit juice products today are little more than expensive, watered-down sugary drinks. In fact, almost all fruit juices are anywhere from 85-99% water. Furthermore, the taste of some exotic fruit ingredients is unfavorable, so they are only in a relatively low concentration in juice drinks, sometimes with sugar added to mask the flavor.

In nature, the active nutritional ingredients in exotic fruits are not found in the “watery” portion of those fruits. The active nutrition is typically found in the pulp of a fruit and that is what Fruitrients exotic fruit supplements offer.

Additive-Free Gluten Free Vegan Formula Organically Grown

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