Our Top Non-GMO Organic Protein Powders

Our Top Non-GMO Organic Protein Powders

Finding a great tasting, clean protein powder is on the top of the list for many health enthusiasts. While all protein powders claim to be the best, they are definitely not all equal when it comes down to the ingredients.  Most people are familiar with the milk-derived whey and dairy-free soy protein powders. However, there are many plant-based options that are becoming more popular due to a few important factors including the fact that they are easier to digest, taste great, and are nutrient dense. Our top non-gmo organic protein powders also happen to be vegan and/or vegetarian, gluten-free, non toxic, pesticide free, and dairy-free.

Our Top Non-GMO Organic Protein Powders

Healthforce Nutritionals Warrior Food Plain (Natural) Protein Powder

Just one of three varieties of Healthforce’s Warrior Food line, the plain protein powder is by far the most popular.  Because this powder isn’t flavored, it can be added to any smoothie without manipulating the flavor.  Also, because it doesn’t contain chocolate (raw cacao) or real vanilla bean like the other varieties, the price is lower than the other two options.  This protein powder is 100% raw, whole-food based and vegan. It’s touted as being the best vegan protein powder available today.  This protein powder will enhances your physical appearance and your performance, without sacrificing your health. It’s a complete, high-quality protein source containing abundant quantities of all essential and nonessential amino acids. It’s also free of isolated gums which are used to improve consistency. Instead, Warrior Food contains highly nutritious nopal cactus which helps keep blood sugar stable for improved endurance, and it loaded with antioxidants and glyconutrients that support post-workout recovery and immune health.

Garden of Life Raw Fit Vanilla Protein Powder

Great tasting, slightly sweet vanilla flavor mixes well with your favorite food or beverage. Raw Fit is designed to help you burn fat, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, boost your energy and lose weight. A favorite among many people who want to burn fat naturally with the powder of green coffee bean extract, and build lean muscle mass with organic plant protein. This protein powder is naturally filling and satisfies hunger with soluble and insoluble fiber from organic grains, seeds, legumes and fruit. It also contains live probiotics and enzymes which promote healthy and comfortable digestion and elimination.

Navitas Naturals Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp powder contains high amounts of protein per serving (about 50%), essential fatty acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, amino acids, Vitamin E, magnesium, and iron.  Hemp is an eco-friendly and sustainable food that can increase your protein intake and benefit your overall health. It’s also rich in fiber, which plays a crucial role in moving waste through the intestines. This protein powder can be sprinkled on food, mixed in smoothies, or even added to granola or power bars.

Healthforce Extreme Green Protein

Unlike any protein you have ever had. It is 100% complete protein, 100% whole food and 100% superfoods, with benefits far, far beyond any other protein in existence. For example, the phycocyanin in spirulina helps to protect and regenerate the kidneys (which get damaged from animal proteins). Chlorella chelates heavy metals, and both spirulina and chlorella protect from radiation and are insanely loaded with a full spectrum array of cleansing and non-toxic healing vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and phytonuturients for ultimate support of your entire body, including incredible recovery and immune function! Minerals in INorganic form (isolated supplements, flesh) can be toxic. INorganic iron actually causes heart disease! The organic iron in whole plant foods has ZERO toxicity! The land plants in Elite Green Protein alkalize the body. The probiotics aid digestion, brain, and immune function. The longer you use Elite Green Protein, the deeper the benefits will become.

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