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Rx Muscle Repair Gel  – Hitto Hitto “To Heal in Hiaki”

Hitto Rx Muscle Repair was specially developed by Ojavan Products to help soothe Rx Muscle Repair gelmuscle aches and strains often associated with strenuous exercise. Rx Muscle Repair helps to repair sore, tired muscles and revitalize aching limbs. On application, Hitto feels cool and soothing and slowly transitions to a warming sensation as it begins to alleviate muscle ache. Rx muscle repair will relax and sooth tight sore muscles with no sticky residue and no lingering unpleasant aroma. Hitto is a great deep tissue massage oil.

Ojavan Products Hitto Rx Muscle Repair is 76% certified organic. It is ideal for all skin types.

Rx Muscle Repair Gel Reviews | NaturesHappiness.com

  • Kristi | Rx muscle repair gel
    Great muscle repair gel! It works very well on relieving sore muscles and even reduces back pain and menstrual cramps. A little goes a long way, so worth the money to get the natural product.
  • Jason L. | Muscle Repair Hitto
    Best natural muscle repair gel available. It works extremely well at reducing pain with muscle, cramps, etc. Must buy
  • Jeremy | Muscle Repair Gel
    Works extremely well at not only reducing pain but at actually healing the body!
    • 2013-10-07
  • Morgan F. | Rx Muscle Repair Gel Ojavan Products
    I’ve had this product for about 3 months and used it many times on sore muscles and various body aches, etc.
    This last weekend I pulled a muscle in my back and the pain was so horrible I thought I was going to have to go see a doctor. I applied the Rx muscle repair gel on my back 3 times within 12 hours, and the pain was drastically lower. After 2… Read More
  • Caleb | Rx Muscle Repair Gel!
    This stuff works wonders. Great product!
    • Joshua Lopez | Hitto Rx Muscle Repair
       Rx Muscle Repair Review
      The Rx Muscle repair is a fantastic product for reducing muscle pains and soreness. I’m a huge athlete and I honestly swear by this brand. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and it’s saved my day my than a few times! Highly recommended for just about everyone – it’s safe and effective and uses pure essential oils and active ingredients to not only reduce pain but help heal and restore muscles
    • Brittany Alan | Rx Muscle Repair Gel Review
      I love this product for sore muscles, back pain, etc. It works amazingly well, smells incredible, and is very affordable. I tiny pea sized amounts covers my entire back. It shipped out the same day and I received it 2 days later. Great website with natural body care products and supplements as well!
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