Slimming Superfoods to Eat If You Sit All Day

Slimming Superfoods to Eat If You Sit All Day

Slimming Superfoods to Eat If You Sit All Day

Sitting in an office all day long can often leave us feeling lethargic and fatigued. Research has linked prolonged sitting to increased weight gain, hunger, and inflammation to high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Spending too much time sitting can also result in weak glutes, sore shoulders, and even tight hip flexors.

While many of us have no control over how much time we spend in a chair day-to-day, there are many things we can do to reverse these ailments. From small exercises throughout the day to healthy eating habits, and mindful thinking. Below are slimming superfoods to eat if you sit in a chair all day.


This is great news for fruit lovers. According to the journal of nutrition, berries can help reduce inflammation, due to the powerful flavoring called anthologists, which helps turn off the inflammatory genes, giving berries there deep, color. Blueberries contain more anthologists than any other berry, and an impressive amount of vitamin C and restorative. To reap all their fantastic benefits, snack on them raw or add them to your morning smoothie, granola, salad.


Nuts contain high levels of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts, for example, have more omega-3s than any other nut and as well as the antioxidant vitamin E, which is believed to help protect our cells from oxidative damage.


Pineapples, while delicious also contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties, due to the bromelain present in this fruit. Consider adding pineapple to your smoothies, stir-fries, and desserts.

Olive oil

Olive oil also has strong anti-inflammatory properties and may help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease while also promoting weight loss. Replace your regular cooking oil with olive oil to reap its many health benefits.


Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and long time remedy towards inflammation. It also hosts strong antioxidant properties and may help reduce weight gain and body fat levels. Include turmeric into your smoothies, curry recipes, soups, sauces.


Garlic does a lot more than add flavor to your food. It also provides the highest concentration of bioavailable compounds. It also supports blood sugar metabolism and helps control fat in the body.  Just be sure to crush your garlic before use to kick-start the production of the bioactive allicin compound.

Green tea

Green tea has long been cherished for its many healing benefits and high antioxidant content. It counteracts sitting-induced inflammation and weight gain. It also happens to be one of the strongest anti-inflammatories than any other tea, due to its epigallocatechin gallate and polyphenol content.

Fatty fish

To increase the ratio of good and bad fats in your diet, consider eating more healthy omega-3s and cutting out junk food. Fatty fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and one of the most potent sources of nutrition.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are an excellent addition to the diet and powerful inflammation fighter. These little seeds are also rich in omega-3s and a number of healing nutrients for the body. Add them to baked goods, smoothies, salads, granola, and more.

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9 slimming foods to eat if you sit all day

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