Why Spirulina is the King of Superfoods!

Spirulina the king of superfoods

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina (Cyanobacteria) Species: Arthrospira platensis

Spirulina is the king of superfoods, and for good reason! Spirulina is an incredible source of concentrated and highly absorbable nutrients, and an exceptional source for protein. Spirulina is called a blue-green algae because it contains both chlorophyll (providing green pigment) and phycocyanin (blue pigment). It forms spiraling, microscopic strands. This simple,one-celled algae thrives in warm, alkaline fresh water. Spirulina contains an amazing array of essential nutrients for our bodies. Not only does it contain over 60% complete protein (almost three times as much as that found in beef!), it has high concentrations of many other important vitamins and minerals, such as B complex vitamins, vitamin E, carotenoids, iodine, iron, manganese, zinc, essential fatty acids such as gamma linolenic acid (which is only otherwise found in mother’s milk), and more beta carotene than you can find in carrots!

Benefits of Spirulina:

-One of the few plant-based sources of vitamin b12, which is essential for healthy nerves and tissues.
-The protein in spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids, making it a complete protein
-Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, and K. In addition, spirulina provides minerals, trace minerals, cell salts, phytonutrients and enzymes, as well as an abundance of chlorophyll and other beneficial pigments.

How to use Spirulina:

You can mix Spirulina in beverages such as smoothies, fresh vegetable and/or fruit juices, and shakes. You can also mix spirulina with water, it dissolves very well. When mixed with water and drank consciously, spirulina is instantly absorbed by the bodies cells and doesn’t require and digestion. Try adding spirulina to any recipe that you already enjoy such as salad dressings, fruit spread, vegetable dip, sauces and any other condiments. You can also add a tablespoon or more to homemade granola bars, snacks, energy balls, etc.

Spirulina the king of superfoodsSpirulina Superfood Smoothie Recipe

– 1 Tbsp. Spirulina
– 1 tsp. maca powder (optional, but good!)
– 2 Bananas (fresh or frozen)
– 1 c. frozen mango (fresh would be fine)
– 1/2 c. fresh spinach
– 2 c. water

Blend all ingredients together, and enjoy! Garnish with a sprinkle of chia seeds, coconut flakes, and a thick slice of banana!

This smoothie offers incredible amounts of nutrition, and is a  great morning energy boost or light afternoon pick-me-up.




Spirulina offers super nutrition for the moder lifesyle, but was once food for the ancient aztecs!
Spirulina has been attracting a lot of attention lately, and can now be purchased in many health food grocery stores worldwide. It is generally found in a powder or pressed-tablet form such as these Organic Spirulina products and other blue-green algae’s.

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We found a great article from The Marilyn Denis Show, where nutritionist Julie Daniluk speaks about the benefits of spirulna. She also shows off a couple of her favorite spirulina recipes that your whole family will love! Click here to read the full article

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