Stevia Leaf Powder

Stevia Leaf Powderstevia leaf powder

  Stevia Leaf Powder

Stevia leaf powder most obvious and notable characteristic is its sweet taste. However, the sweet taste is not due to carbohydrate-based molecules, but to several non-caloric molecules called glycosides.  Stevia is a great sugar alternative with zero calories.  It is commonly used in helping manage diabetes, and can be used freely without affecting blood sugar.  Stevia is a fantastic alternative for people trying to manage their weight. 

Stevia leaf is also great for:

  • hyperactive children
  • anti-cavity and plaque retardant
  • anti-bacterial properties
  • no-carb, no-calorie substitute
  • aids in calcium formation

Stevia leaf is about 300 times sweeter than regular sugar, making just a little bit go a long way.  It also tastes wonderful, and is very easy to incorporate into your diet.  You can sprinkle it on top of fruit, yogurt or cereal, and mix into just about anything.  It makes some bitter tasting smoothies taste fabulous, without adding any additional calories.

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