Cold and Flu Prevention

Beat the Cold this Winter with These Natural Remedies

Beat the Cold this Winter with These Natural Remedies As we head into winter, the chance of cold and flu symptoms rise. And while we are all bound to get a cold at some point in our life, precaution is still necessary. However, store-bought drugs and sprays often have side effects including drowsiness or in other cases serious health ailments. Natural remedies have been used for centuries, supporting immune health, preventing colds, coughs, and an upset stomach. Below are some of our favorite herbal remedies to help you beat the cold and flu this winter. Echinacea. This herb is well-known for […]

Fight the Flu with Food

Fight the Flu with Food There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with the much dreaded flu. But fear not, fighting the flu and other common illness can be a lot easier with these flu-fighting superfoods. Vegetable Juice Eating a salad while you have the flu does not sound appealing, but you know you are in need of some extra nutrients. Next time, consider loading up on some fresh vegetable juice instead. Juice is a lot easier to get down and the high amounts of antioxidants will boost immune health to help the body fight […]