The Top 2017 Food Trends

The Top 2017 Food Trends The new year is an excellent time to cleanse and detox from the holiday season. With the health, world booming with so amazing products and foods, it’s time to throw out the junk food and start thinking smart about what you’re putting in your body. Below are the top 2017 foods trends for you to give a try this year.  Sprouting Whether you purchase them at your local market or sprout them yourself, this is a trend everyone’s jumping on. Sprouts are low in calories and exceptionally high in nutrients. During the sprouting process, natural […]

6 Easy Ways to get Healthy in 2017

6 Easy Ways to get Healthy in 2017 Forget the “new year, new you” and try these simple steps to keep you and your family healthy all year long. This doesn’t mean revamping your entire lifestyle, but simply making a few changes in your home that everyone can benefit from. And remember, if some of these tips don’t work for you, move on and try something new! Below are 6 easy ways to get healthy in 2017 and the many years to come! 1. Wake up with lemon water. Lemon water is an excellent way to wake up your body […]

5 Winter Superfoods You Should Be Eating

5 Winter Superfoods You Should Be Eating From tangy citrus fruits to winter squash, winter brings about some surprisingly tasty fruits and vegetables. In fact, many of these fruits and vegetables are at the peak of their ripeness this time of the year and contain vital nutrients to keep us healthy all winter long. Below are 5 winter superfoods you should be eating. Kumquats Kumquats are very low calories, rich in fiber and contain a healthy dose of potassium. Their skin also contains powerful disease-fighting antioxidants. When buying kumquats, search for fruits that are firm and bright orange. Star Fruit […]

Easy Food Swaps

Easy Food Swaps   Staying healthy during the holidays can be difficult, but instead of opting out of holiday parties and meals, try these easy and healthy food swaps! There’s no need to despair this holiday season, you can still enjoy your favorite comfort foods with a  healthy twist and your guests will love them as well. Plus, you will be getting the same meal, just with a lot more nutrition. Below are 4 easy food swaps for you to try this year! Take a look at some of these easy and healthy food swaps: Cauliflower. Cauliflower can replace anything from […]

How to Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation

How to Avoid Weight Gain on Vacation Sticking to a healthy diet while on vacation is seemingly impossible, but a must for those with a food sensitivity. Below are a few tips and tricks on staying healthy and reducing the chance of illness and fatigue while on vacation. 1. Stay somewhere with a kitchen, if possible. Take advantage of any fresh produce or local markets you may be able to find. Enjoy simple meals, with whole food ingredients, but still, aim to eat at least one or two meals at home each day. When the time comes to eat out, choose restaurants […]

4 Nutrients that Can Improve Your Gut Health

4 Nutrients that Can Improve Your Gut Health There are many ways in which you can naturally improve your gut health. And one of the best ways to do so starts with a healthy diet. Next, follow these simple steps. Cut out processed foods. The amount of calories you consume, should be similar to the amount you burn. Consume plenty of plant-based foods, including legumes, grains, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Limit your sodium and salt consumption. Add a variety of fruits and vegetables. Limit your intake of fats (saturated and trans fats). Drink Tea Consume at least 8 glasses […]

Fitting Carbs into a Healthy Diet

Fitting Carbs into a Healthy Diet For starters, not all carbs are created equal. And while carbs often get a bad rap, not all carbs are bad carbs. Some carbs actually have numerous health benefits and belong in the diet. In fact, our body needs carbohydrates to function properly. The trick is understanding which carbohydrates are good, and which ones you should avoid. It also important that you know how to choose the right carbohydrates. Understanding carbohydrates Carbohydrates are a type of macronutrient and common ingredient in many foods and beverages. Most carbohydrates are naturally occurring in plant-based foods, including grains. However, […]

Superfoods that Lower the Risk for Diabetes

Superfoods that Lower the Risk for Diabetes Eating a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the most important steps towards controlling diabetes. Losing 5-10 percent of body fat can also be an important step towards lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Diabetics should be consuming a diet low in carbohydrates and calories, yet moderately rich in healthy fats and nutrients. Key food elements should include plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and foods with a low GI. Below are the top ten superfoods that lower the risk for diabetes. 1. Vegetables with low […]

Tips and Tricks for Eating Healthy While Traveling

Tips and Tricks for Eating Healthy While Traveling Whether you’re an experienced traveler or first-time traveler, sticking to a healthy diet can be tough. Below are a few tips and tricks for eating healthy while traveling. Pack small, filling snacks: Small creamy snacks like yogurt or apple sauce provides sustainable nutrients to get you through your day. However, they do count as liquids, so buy your own snack-size containers, or pack your own spill proof containers smaller than 3.4 ounces. Find a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal, so don’t skip it. Many terminals have smoothie shacks and coffee shops that usually […]

Sneaky Ways to Get More Vitamin D

Sneaky Ways to Get More Vitamin D Vitamin D is naturally produced in the body, however, during the colder months, the sunshine vitamin becomes scarce, though it is still very much needed. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient in the body for bone health, muscle support, immunity, and much more. According to research, the average adult needs at least 600 international units of vitamin D daily and while many of us are getting our daily requirements, some Americans are deficient in this vitamin. Below are 8 ways you can get more vitamin D into your diet this winter. 8 sneaky ways to […]