Dieting Tips

Common Diet Myths You Should Ignore

Common Diet Myths You Should Ignore Dieting and weight loss can be a struggle, especially when we come across a new diet trend every day. Whether you’re exercising regularly, cutting out carbs completely or on a strict paleo diet, everyone struggles. The most important thing to remember is to stick to what works for you and what makes you happy. Below are some common diet myths you should ignore and what may help you further your health journey. 1. Myth: Don’t Skip Meals – Allowing yourself to go hungry is not the best strategy for weight loss. For starters, when you skip a […]

7 Crucial Rules for All Diets

7 Crucial Rules for All Diets Dieting can be hard, but you shouldn’t be starving at the end of the day. Food is important, crucial for survival. So, to ensure you keep up with your weight loss goals, while also staying healthy, consider these helpful tips. Below are 7 crucial rules for all diets. 1. Don’t Skip Meals or Food Groups Though the latest diet fads may claim restriction is what you need, it’s not the answer. Restricting certain foods from your diet will work for a while, however most people bounce back to their regular eating habits over time, which pushes […]