Digestive Enzymes

Improve Stomach Acid Levels for Good Digestion

Improve Stomach Acid Levels for Good Digestion Did you know? Without stomach acid the digestive system can suffer a great deal. There are numerous things throughout our bodies that play an important role when it comes to digestion. Like, how much sleep you get to how relaxed you are when you eat and even the order of your small intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and large intestine. A healthy digestion is important for nourishing organs as well endocrines and the nervous system. Stomach Acid: Stomach acid is meant to be in our bodies and it is important. It helps our bodies break down what foods […]

Emerald Labs Digestive Health Formula

Emerald Labs Digestive Health Formula Gluten-free Formula, Vegan, Additive-free, Purity & Quality Tested, No Fillers Superior Digestive Support with DPP-IV Gluten Digesting Enzyme Raw Whole-food based formula with Prebiotics, Probiotics & Enzymes Therapeutic dosages of a full spectrum of digestive enzymes that help: Stimulate the body’s natural enzyme systems. Breakdown all food stuffs including: Gluten, Dairy and Beans which are among the most common food sensitivities. Dr. Stengler’s Keys for Effective Health: • Dr. Stengler added DPP-IV, an effective gluten-specific digestive enzyme. DPP-IV can be very beneficial for people with gluten sensitivities. 1 • Dr. Stengler included a comprehensive plant-based […]