The Many Health Benefits of Yoga

The Many Health Benefits of Yoga Yoga has a long history of healing and longevity. The practice of yoga has proven time and time gain to improve both your mind and body health. It’s truly an incredible workout routine, with outstanding benefits. From increased flexibility to lowered stress, yoga has a way of helping out almost every individual. Below are the many health benefits of yoga and how it may benefit you! 1. Improves Posture Bad posture can cause back and neck pain and over time may lead to more serious issues, like joint, back, neck and other muscle problems. Yoga […]

4 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Health

4 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Health Whether it’s 5 minutes before you head out the door or a nice thirty minutes at the end of the day, yoga can benefit everyone. It’s nice, relaxing and grounding, yet an easy way to boost energy levels. However, yoga does a lot more than improve our flexibility and inner peace. It has a variety of hidden benefits far beyond relaxation. Below are 4 ways yoga can improve your health. 1. Yoga eases migraines. If you experience migraines often, consider yoga. According to studies, migraine sufferers had fewer and less painful migraines after just […]

8 Things to Do After Exercise To Prolong Happiness

8 Things to Do After Exercise To Prolong Happiness Getting a work out in everyday is an excellent way to boost your happiness and health. Though, there are many things we can continue to do throughout our days to prolong that happiness, leading to improved moods and energy. Below are 11 things to do after an exercise to prolong happiness and give your body a rush of endorphin’s. 1. Drink Plenty of Water Water is key, especially after an intense work out session. Exercising and sweating hard depletes our body of fluids, so we must re-hydrate to gain back our […]

New Year, New You

 NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!   Wow! What a great year it has been! Now that all the craziness from the Holidays are over it is time to focus on YOU! Time to get back in your routine and on track with your BODY and HEALTH! Try this Great Winter Exercise to Burn off that extra weight. It’s EASY and EFFECTIVE. BONUS! You won’t need to leave the house… So forget having to go out in the freezing COLD!  🙂 Now that your on track with your fitness plan. It is time to learn about a Cleanse! We love a great cleanse […]