food synergy

Turn Your Foods Into Superfoods!

Turn Your Foods Into Superfoods! Did you know you can turn your foods into superfoods? Pairing certain foods together greatly boost their health benefits! Food combining aids in digestion, and boosts our overall health as well. Great food combinations   Black beans are an excellent source of iron, but when combined with vitamin C rich foods, like red bell peppers non-heme iron is increased by 6 times. Studies also suggest that when paired together, garlic and onions boost the health benefits of whole grains! Studies have shown that when garlic and onions are added to food grains (cooked or raw), it enhances iron and […]

Superfoods That Work Together

Superfoods That Work Together Foods paired together always taste better, and some food pairs do a lot more than enhance our taste buds, they promote health benefits. It’s referred to as “food synergy”, nutrient rich foods interact with one another and promote health. 8 superfoods that work together  Black beans and red peppers Black beans are a great source of iron, known as non-heme iron. Non-heme iron isn’t easily absorbed in the body, and that’s where red bell peppers come in. They are a rich source of vitamin C which helps increase the absorption of non-heme iron by 6 times. whole […]