Outstanding Health Benefits of Ginger

Outstanding Health Benefits of Ginger Beyond its many culinary uses, ginger hosts a number of healing benefits. Available in fresh, dried, and ground forms, ginger is an excellent addition your diet and health care regimen. It has long been used for the treatment of many health ailments, including stomach pains and morning sickness. Take a look at gingers many nutritional benefits in and out of the kitchen. Ginger contains several compounds, believed to host a number of benefits for the mind and body. Among its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and healing antioxidants, ginger is believed to help prevent and treat a […]

5 Reasons Ginger is a Miracle Root

5 Reasons Ginger is a Miracle Root Ginger is one of natures many miracles, it is loaded with nutrients and powerful bio-active compounds known to improve the health of our brain and body. It is a well-known remedy used to treat a number of health ailments, including upset tummies, motion sickness and sore throats. Below we have provided the 5 reasons ginger is a miracle root. Aids in digestion. Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties, helps fight upset stomachs, eases nausea and keeps things moving smoothly in the digestive tract. Eating ginger regularly also helps treat indigestion and other related stomach disorders, […]

Essential Oil (Ginger)

  Ginger Leaf Pure Essential Oil Ginger root oil is warming and stimulates circulation and digestion. It has properties to lift emotions physically and psychologically. Great for motion sickness and morning sickness. Ginger settles the stomach from  stomach ache, diarrhea, and other bowel related problems. Essential oil: Ginger Product name: Huta (Who-taa) Meaning: Root (Lakota) Source: Root (steam distilled) Origin: Zingiber Officinalis from China Benefits: Comforting, Warming, Stimulating is used for stomach upsets. It is one of the best remedies for indigestion, stomach ache, dyspepsia, colic, spasms, diarrhea, flatulence and other stomach and bowel related problems. It can be used for treating food poisoning. It is also used for treating […]