Health Benefits of Avocados

Why Avocados Are a Superfood

Why Avocados Are a Superfood Avocados have gained a lot of popularity over the years with their versatility and great flavor. But, it’s not just our taste buds that are benefiting  from this incredible superfood. Scientific studies have linked avocados to numerous health benefits including improved heart health, skin health and a lower risk for illness and disease. While topping a slice of toast with avocados is the latest way to eat this superfood, avocados can be eaten many different ways and incorporated into many different meals. Eating avocados offers the body a number of essential nutrients including vitamin E and […]

9 Reasons You Need to Eat More Avocados

9 Reasons You Need to Eat More Avocados Find out of the amazing benefits of avocados and how they may benefit your health. Here are 9 reasons you need to eat more avocados. 1. Contains Healthy Fats: Avocados are often avoided, since they have a high fat content. However, the fats found in avocados happen to be healthy monounsaturated fats, heart-healthy fats that have been found to help protect against heart disease and may reduce harmful cholesterol levels. 2. Antioxidant Rich: In addition to increasing the antioxidant absorption from other foods, avocados also contains antioxidants themselves. The antioxidants found in […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Avocados

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Avocados Aside from being one of the most delicious fruits available, avocados are known for their high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, vital nutrients and impressive health boosting properties. They have become widely popular among health foodies and continue to gain popularity due to their versatility and flavor. Below we have 10 incredible health benefits of avocados. 1. Great for Pregnancy – These creamy fruits are a great source of folate, which is often given to pregnant women for the healthy development of the fetus. 2. Healthy Source of Fats – While avocados are loaded with fat, the […]

The Healing Powers of Avocados

The Healing Powers of Avocados It is true that avocados are high in fat, however it is good to know that these fats are good for you and offer many health benefits. Avocados are loaded with essential nutrients, including vitamins A and B, as well as a good source of dietary fiber, iron, potassium and zinc to name a few. In addition to being low in sugar, this creamy fruit is also rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and energy boosting properties. Avocados are excellent when added salads, sandwiches and soups, but they are most commonly eaten raw with a sprinkle […]

Avocado Nutritional Facts

Avocado Nutritional Facts Avocados are native to Mexico and Central America and come from the avocado tree. With over 20 different vitamins, avocados have been praised for centuries for their amazing nutritional value and creamy texture. Avocados have become more popular in the world of food and are often refereed to as a superfood. So, it’s time to stop being afraid of avocados and start loving them! You don’t need to feel guilty after eating avocados because they are packed with healthy fats, fats that benefit the body. Below we have just a few more reasons to love this creamy fruit […]