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The 8 Best Foods For A Healthy Heart 1

The 8 Best Foods For A Healthy Heart More than 17 million people die each year due to cardiovascular issues. For that reason, protecting your heart and making sure it’s healthy is vital. Prevention is key even at a young age, this means maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, healthy cholesterol levels, preventing plaque build-up in your arteries, and unnecessary strain on your cardiovascular system. Maintaining heart health also requires a healthy diet. Unfortunately, the modern diet is filled with foods that are harmful to our heart. Some of the best foods to keep your heart healthy include fish, nuts, green tea, […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Surprising Health Benefits of Mushrooms Cultures around the world have been enjoying mushrooms for centuries, for both culinary and medicinal purposes. It is estimated that there are close to 300 to 2,000 edible varieties of mushrooms. However, only about 10 are grown commercially, with the most popular being oyster, shiitake, and white button. Whether you eat mushrooms raw or cooked, they are an excellent addition to the diet. Below are 5 surprising health benefits of mushrooms. 1. Cancer Fighting Properties. Researchers tested five different types of mushrooms (maitake, crimini, portabella, oyster and white button) and found that they significantly reduce breast cancer […]

Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss

Foods for Good Health and Weight Loss We all need fat in our diet, not only to maintain a healthy weight, but to also improve overall health. Though, we are not talking about just any kind of fat, but good-for-you monounsatureted fats. These fats are essential for overall health, cholesterol levels, heart health and weight loss. While including these fats into your diet, it is also important that you are staying away from trans fat and saturated fats. To get your started, we have 5 foods for good health and weight loss. Dark chocolate This is definitaly our favorite on […]

The Health Benefits of Eating an Unripe Plantain

The Health Benefits of Eating an Unripe Plantain Plantains offer a number of beneficial nutrients to the body as well as many surprising health benefits, especially when they aren’t ripe just yet. Adding this beneficial food to your diet has many wonders and healing properties, from protecting against disease an illness to improved sexual health. The plantain can also be cooked in various ways and is truly a well-balanced part of the diet. These are 10 health benefits of eating unripe plantain. 1. It enriches the heart. An unripe plantain contains a certain amount of serotonin that actually improves blood flow, dilates the arteries and […]

Major Health Benefits of Rice

Major Health Benefits of Rice Rice is a staple ingredient in many cultures and for good reason. It is a sustainable, high energy health food with loads of benefits. The various health benefits can be found in over forty thousand different varieties of rice around the world. However, the type of rice you choose greatly depends on the benefits you receive, as refined white rice isn’t nearly as beneficial as brown or black rice. You will also want to consider how it is grown and avoid any added ingredients. Below are some of the major health benefits of rice. Health […]

8 Healthy Foods: Boost Your Health Naturally

8 Healthy Foods: Boost Your Health Naturally Getting the right amount of nutrition through our food is crucial for our health. Our body demands a certain amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and more. However, when we are not properly fueling our body, we often feel moody, fatigued, sick, overwhelmed and stressed. Eating healthy has never been easier and it’s right at our finger tips. Below are 8 healthy foods you can easily incorporate in your diet for a natural boost in your health. 1. Broccoli Broccoli is an excellent health food that contains high levels of vitamins B6, E, […]

Spice Up Your Life with Superfoods

Spice Up Your Life with Superfoods There is no better time then now to start spicing up your life with essential superfoods, loaded with health boosting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and fiber. Here are 7 superfoods to help get you ready for spring. 1. Walnuts: Filled with heart healthy and brain boosting compounds, walnuts are an excellent hearty snack. They contain high levels of fiber, vitamin E and healthy fats to keep you going all day long. Just one serving of walnuts provides the body with a days worth of alpha-linoleic acid, which has shown to help reduce the risk for […]