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Fatty Foods that don’t Make You Fat

Fatty Foods that don’t Make You Fat In recent years more information has come out on whether or not certain fats are good or bad. We have found that many plant-based foods contain fats that actually benefit our health and maintain a healthy weight. “Bad fats” usually referred to as trans fat, which are made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil. This process creates a solid fat, which then helps preserve the shelf life of processed foods and often leads to heart disease. However, you may want to be careful since labeling can be tricky. Not all products labeled “zero-trans […]

Healthy High Fat Foods

Healthy High Fat Foods Healthy high fat foods are packed with incredible benefits. Fat is not always something we should be afraid off. There are both healthy fats and bad fats. Bad fats increase cholesterol and the risk of certain illnesses and disease. Healthy fats are actually essential, they boost cholesterol and promote overall health. Healthy fats usually consist of plant based foods whereas bad fats are often found in many processed foods. The key to cutting out fat is choosing the right kind of fats. Here are 5 healthy high fat foods that are loaded essential vitamins and minerals […]