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Surprising Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Surprising Health Benefits of Mushrooms Cultures around the world have been enjoying mushrooms for centuries, for both culinary and medicinal purposes. It is estimated that there are close to 300 to 2,000 edible varieties of mushrooms. However, only about 10 are grown commercially, with the most popular being oyster, shiitake, and white button. Whether you eat mushrooms raw or cooked, they are an excellent addition to the diet. Below are 5 surprising health benefits of mushrooms. 1. Cancer Fighting Properties. Researchers tested five different types of mushrooms (maitake, crimini, portabella, oyster and white button) and found that they significantly reduce breast cancer […]

Shiitake Mushrooms Boost Immunity and Reduce Inflammation

Shiitake Mushrooms Boost Immunity and Reduce Inflammation If you are looking for a new way to naturally boost your immunity, try shiitake mushrooms. Mushrooms may be the immune boosting food we have bee looking for all along, plus, they also reduce inflammation. There are thousands of mushroom species, but only 20 of them are used for culinary purposes. Shiitake mushrooms originated in Asia, where they are used for culinary and medicinal uses. Mushrooms found to help boost immunity  A recent study gathered together 52 people between the ages of 21 – 41, all of which could not be prior tea drinkers, […]