Natural Hair Care

4 Essential Oils for Healthy Hair

4 Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Winter has finally arrived, and with the weather changing so fast, so should your hair care routine. Whether it’s dry or frizzy, these essential oils can help give your hair a little extra TLC this winter. Below are 4 essential oils for healthy hair 1. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is incredible for hair health. It is composed of 98% monounsaturated fats and 2% saturated fats, meaning that it can easily penetrate hair follicles, naturally strengthening the fibers from within. It is also one of the only oils with a similar molecule structure to sebum (naturally produced oils in the scalp). 2. Shea […]

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Hair

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Hair For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been loved for it’s many uses, from healthcare to cooking and cleaning. Researchers are now finding that apple cider vinegar offers some impressive hair care benefits as well. Here are 9 amazing benefits of apple cider vinegar for your hair. 1. Reduces Dandruff  AVC is a powerful antibacterial, which targets any fungus that causes a dry, flaky or itchy scalp that may otherwise lead to dandruff. Rinse weekly with apple cider vinegar to help keep dandruff at bay. 2. Removes Product Build Up ACV is a […]

8 Best Hair Rinses

8 Best Hair Rinses If you suffer from an itchy scalp, dryness, or even dandruff you need to try these natural hair rinses. Taking the natural route not only saves you money, but it will also help reduce all of your hair symptoms while also promoting more shiny, full hair. Whether you suffer from fungal infections or excess oils you can find your fix here. Find out which natural hair rinse works best for you with the 8 best hair rinses. Orange Peels Boiling your left over orange peels helps reduce dandruff and excess oils in the hair. It is said […]

Spices Help Promote Hair Growth

Spices Help Promote Hair Growth We are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to natural hair care, but would you have guessed that spices help promote hair growth? In India hair is considered to be an asset where they will try anything to prevent hair loss or damaged hair and spices have been shown to be quite promising. Store bought hair products often promote promising benefits but show no results in the end. Leaving you with hair loss and money lost. There are numerous reason for hair loss including extreme emotion and physical stress, allergies, poor hair care products […]

How to Have Naturally Fabulous Hair in the Winter

How to Have Naturally Fabulous Hair in the Winter Cold winter months tend to bring on static and dry hair challenges for most. Low temperatures cause dry scalps and over shampooing can strip away what little moisture we do have! Fortunately, we have done our research on naturally caring for winter hair. We also have some incredible natural hair care products that you need to know about! Our best tips for naturally caring for hair in cold weather: It’s crucial that you don’t over shampoo your hair in cold winter months. It’s recommended that you only shampoo your hair two to […]

Natural Hair Care Products

Natural Hair Care Products  Mineral Enriched Balancing Shampoo Haircare that is Sulfate & Paraben Free! Safe for extensions & color treated hair Cleanses Hydrates Balances pH Our penetrating moisturizing shampoo for dry, damaged, thin – coarse or curly hair, will renew softness and manageability without excess build-up or residue. Our Balancing Shampoo is infused with Great Salt Lake Trace Minerals and Moroccan Argan Oil, is certified Vegan and meet Whole Foods Standards. Can be used daily. Directions: Apply our Mineral Enriched Balancing Shampoo to wet hair. Work into the scalp with circular motions, working to the ends. It cleans and restores […]