Natural Skin Care Tips

Natural Tips for Healthy Skin

Natural Tips for Healthy Skin From the time we are teens up until our late twenties, proper skin care is vital. These are the developing years for our skin, and the most effective time for preventing early signs of aging. However, to achieve healthy, glowing skin, we must practice proper skin care maintenance and stick to it. Below are som easy and effective natural tips for healthy skin. Use protection.  Even if the weatherman has predicted partly cloudy skies, our skin is still at risk. Whether it’s partly cloudy or sunny and bright, the dangers of exposure to harmful UV rays […]

5 Natural Home Remedies for Treating Pimples

5 Natural Home Remedies for Treating Pimples Some of the best treatments for pimples and reoccurring acne problems may be hiding right in your very own home. Below we have 5 natural home remedies for treating pimples and other acne related problems. Tea tree oil Tea tree oil is a common ingredient in many facial care products. It has powerful antiseptic properties that can be used to help ease inflammation and fight bacteria that leads to acne. Tea tree oil can be found online and in some health foods stores. For best results a minimum concentration of 5% oil is […]