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6 Natural Fat Burning Foods

6 Natural Fat Burning Foods When it comes to weight-loss it seems like everyone is searching for that one magic pill that will help you loose weight overnight. But the reality is, that maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly is the best and most effective thing you can do. However, there are certain foods you can add into your diet to help you further your weight loss journey. Here are 6 natural fat burning foods. 1. Green Tea Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can consume. It contains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that give green […]

Foods that Turn-off the Fat Gene

Foods that Turn-off the Fat Gene Researchers from the MIT and Harvard have found out how a certain part of your DNA, known as the FTO gene effects how our bodies metabolize and store fat. Those who may have inherited the faulty gene usually weigh an average of 7 pounds more than those who don’t have the gene (however, people often weigh much more). Thankfully, we have the power of foods. By chowing down on some of these superfoods, you may be able to reverse your genetics and start dropping pounds. Quino Many studies have found that quinoa helps our […]

10 Foods for Proper Weight Loss

10 Foods for Proper Weight Loss   Plant based foods can help boost your metabolism, promote healthy digestion, burn calories and help prevent illness and disease. Plus, they promote healthy and natural weight loss. A healthy metabolism is essential for proper weight loss and also for helping the body utilize essential nutrients. If you’re suffering from an unhealthy metabolism, studies suggest you may be lacking important nutrients. We often make weight loss more difficult than it is. The key is sticking to a healthy plant based diet, including the occasional organic meat, fish, and dairy if desired. Strict diets leave […]

Fight Obesity with Granny Smith Apples

Fight Obesity with Granny Smith Apples The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” just might be proving itself to be true. A recent study published in the journal Food Chemistry, a group of researchers led by Washington State University suggest granny smith apples help build healthy gut bacteria in the colon especially in people who struggle with obesity. Why You Need a Healthy Gut A healthy gut is essential for optimal health. Apples tend to always be an excellent snack when aiming for a healthy a gut. They have high levels of non-digestible compounds such as dietary fiber and polyphenols. […]

5 Superfoods for Weight Loss

5 Superfoods for Weight Loss  “Just add in the good stuff, eventually it’s going to crowd out the bad stuff.” – David Wolfe We are always trying to find new ways to improve our health. What better way then to simply just add in good real foods? The reasons to include more superfoods into our daliy meals are endless. Superfoods contain many powerful antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for our bodies. They contain the power the help our bodies build stronger bones, prevent illness and disease along with numerous other health benefits but did you know? Superfoods can […]

Rainforest Ultimate Acai Diet & Cleanse

Rainforest Ultimate Acai Diet & Cleanse The Rainforest Ultimate Acai Diet & Cleanse is a potent blend of natural metabolic and energy stimulants, appetite suppressants, detoxifying nutrients and exotic super fruits. This unique formula is specifically designed to help Cleanse and Detoxify the body while helping to promote Natural Weight Loss. Lose Weight Cleanse & Detoxify Curb Appetite Boost Energy 45 & 90 Vegetable Capsules Formula Highlights: Naturally powerful exotic super fruit combinations for Diet, Detox and Optimal Health.*The Rainforest line of Exotic Fruit Products offers all natural combinations of powerful exotic super fruits from around the world. These unique […]

5 Summer Body Superfoods

Summer body superfoods Beach season is coming up and we are all trying to look our best. Achieving the perfect summer body can be difficult at times but with the right amount of exercise and the right whole foods anyone can do it!  These 5 summer body superfoods will help you get that summer body in no time. They all provide natural weight-loss, So do it the right way! Acai Berry Powder Chia Seeds Goji Berries Flax Seed Powder Turmeric Root   Get your summer body superfoods today! SPRING SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW @ .  HURRY BEFORE SALE ENDS! […]