Raw Foods

7 Foods To Always Eat Raw For More Health Benefits

7 Foods To Always Eat Raw For More Health Benefits The health benefits of consuming fruits and veggies are undoubtedly amazing for your health, especially in their raw, natural state. Whether they are cooked or uncooked, fruits and vegetables are a necessity, however, there are a few fruits and veggies that can be depleted of nutrients once cooked. Though switching to a raw food diet is not necessary, there are some added benefits that come along with consuming raw fruits and vegetables, some of them include: Increased energy levels and mental clarity. Natural cleansing effects. Enzymes are more available for […]

6 Foods that Are Healthier Raw

6 Foods that Are Healthier Raw To get the most out of your fresh produce, it is sometimes best to consume your foods raw, as cooking can diminish essential nutrients. Here are 6 foods that are healthier raw: 1. Beets Root vegetable are an excellent way to add plenty of hearty nutrients to your diet and beets are especially great when added to salads, wraps and more. Beets contain high levels of folate, which are essential of proper cell regeneration and keeping the body in shape. However, cooking beets destroys the folate present, so they are best when eaten raw. […]

Health Benefits of Raw Foods

Health Benefits of Raw Foods The health benefits of raw foods are truly amazing. Did you know you are actually loosing nutrients when you cook your vegetables? Whether you’re steaming, grilling or even baking the best way to consume these amazing foods is raw. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all meant to be eaten raw. Although, you are still receiving some benefits if you choose to cook them. It has been proven that when you cook your vegetables the vitamins can deplete and the proteins and enzymes can be destroyed. Adding more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds will […]