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Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder

If you have been trying to stay away from refined sugar and processed sweeteners, it’s time you learn about stevia. What is Organic Green Leaf Stevia? Stevia leaf’s most obvious and notable characteristic is its sweet taste. However, the sweet taste is not due to carbohydrate-based molecules, but to several non-caloric molecules called glycosides.  Stevia is a great sugar alternative with zero calories.  It is commonly used in helping manage diabetes, and can be used freely without affecting blood sugar. Stevia leaf powder is a fantastic alternative for people trying to manage their weight. Benefits of Organic Green Leaf Stevia […]

Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder

Processed Foods with Tricia

Processed Foods

Today we’re learning all about processed foods and their dangerous side-effects. We are also going to be talking about some healthier alternatives! Now, you might be wondering, “What are processed foods?” Well, processed foods are basically “food-like products” that have been broken down, altered and refined, then reassembled in order to create a much more marketable product with a longer shelf life, and a much lower cost. These foods are generally found in your supermarket in brightly colored cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, and aluminum cans, and usually always have a very lengthy nutritional label. Processed Foods are nutritionally deficient. This […]