Skout Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds Pacific Sea Salt

Skout Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds Pacific Sea Salt 2.5 oz bag Certified Organic Gluten Free Non-GMO 10g Protein Per Serving Naturally Occurring Nutrients Omega 3’s Raw Certified Kosher Vegan Dairy & Soy Free Raw pumpkin seeds are truly a superfood! Among the many benefits, they are high in protein, zinc, iron, magnesium and omega-3s. By sourcing living seeds, we preserve their inherent nutrients and enzymes, providing your body with healthy fuel! INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC RAW PUMPKIN SEEDS, ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL, SEA SALT.  ALLERGENS: Good manufacturing practices are used to segregate ingredients in a facility that processes other products, which may contain […]

Skout Organic Trailbars

Skout Organic Trailbars Certified Organic Certified Gluten Free Non-GMO Project Verified Naturally Occurring Nutrients No Refined Sugar or Fillers Certified Kosher Vegan Dairy & Soy Free Blueberries are the superfood that bring antioxidant power to this delicious Trailbar. The almonds include vitamin E as well as good monounsaturated fats. The dates and oats give the Trailbar a superior texture as well as add numerous health benefits. INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC DATES, ORGANIC GLUTEN-FREE OATS, ORGANIC ALMONDS, ORGANIC APPLES, ORGANIC BLUE AGAVE NECTAR, ORGANIC BLUEBERRIES, ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL, ORGANIC LEMON JUICE CONCENTRATE, SEA SALT. ALLERGENS: Contains TREE NUTS (ALMONDS). Good manufacturing practices are […]