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6 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain on Vacation

6 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain on Vacation Summer is a busy time for vacationing and family getaways. However, it’s not always easy keeping your diet clean while away from home. In order to stay healthy while on vacation consider following these easy tips and tricks. Continue reading below to learn more about 6 ways to prevent weight gain on vacation. Load up on local produce. If you’re heading to a tropical location, be sure to load up on all the fresh fruits and vegetables. With an abundance of fruits and veggies, you will be getting all of the nutrition […]

Avoid Making These 8 Weight-loss Mistakes

Avoid Making These 8 Weight-loss Mistakes

Losing weight can be one of the hardest things for most people. Unfortunately, most diets and weight loss plans don’t always work. We have shared with you before, our 10 Foods for proper weight loss. Now, we are bringing you Avoid Making These 7 Weight-loss Mistakes. Avoid Making These 8 Weight-loss Mistakes 1 – You’re not getting enough nutrition Nutrition is at it’s utmost importance when you are trying to lose weight, not only macro but also micro nutrients.  Yes, it’s important to watch your calories, carbs, etc., but equally as important to focus on getting enough Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Omega […]

10 Foods for Proper Weight Loss

10 Foods for Proper Weight Loss   Plant based foods can help boost your metabolism, promote healthy digestion, burn calories and help prevent illness and disease. Plus, they promote healthy and natural weight loss. A healthy metabolism is essential for proper weight loss and also for helping the body utilize essential nutrients. If you’re suffering from an unhealthy metabolism, studies suggest you may be lacking important nutrients. We often make weight loss more difficult than it is. The key is sticking to a healthy plant based diet, including the occasional organic meat, fish, and dairy if desired. Strict diets leave […]

Healthy Weight-loss Tips

Healthy weight-loss tips for everyone: Start including these healthy weight-loss tips into your daily life for a natural weight-loss plan. Chia Seeds help with weight loss. You can actually fight hunger by mixing chia seeds with water. They form a coating of gel, increasing its size and weight.  Since the gel is made from water, it has no calories. This helps your body to think it’s full, without adding any calories. Nuts are full of healthy fats which actually help your body slim down. Incan Golden Berries are high in phosphorous, calcium, and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and […]