Take Out Tips for Healthier Eating

Take Out Tips for Healthier Eating

Take Out Tips for Healthier Eating

While eating healthy from home is the obvious healthier option, going out every once in awhile can be managed as long as you’re making healthy choices. With busy schedules and the convenience, it’s also often hard to avoid. Thankfully restaurants are now making the convenience of healthy eating a lot easier. Making these choices, however, can often get a little tricky and overwhelming so, stick to these easy take out tips for healthier eating next time you’re dining out.

Hydrate: Most Americans aren’t drinking enough water throughout the day, which in turn, may be mistaken for hunger. To avoid overeating and cravings while dining out, consider drinking a glass of water before you enter the restaurant or order your food. Also, avoid sugary drinks, as they often get quickly absorbed into the body, which isn’t great for our blood sugar levels or overall health.

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will also help avoid the craving for alcohol, which can also bring on cravings and desires for unhealthy food options.

Don’t restrict, modify: Instead of missing out on your favorite meal, modify to make it healthier. For example, ask for grilled meats instead of fried, and choose veggies or a salad as your side. And for added benefits, choose avocados for healthy fats and other veggies for added nutrition.

When the option is available, always choose foods that are grilled, baked, boiled, or steamed. These will help you avoid added calories, unhealthy fats, and other added ingredients.

Sharing is caring: Sharing an item with a family member or friend is an excellent way to control your portions, as well as your budget!

Get creative: Consider checking out the menu before you enter a restaurant to view all options and ideas for a healthier choice. Opt for the smaller plate choices, and chose a small side such as beans, grains, rice or a small salad. Also, avoid the complimentary bread baskets, and consider having a small snack before you get to the restaurant to avoid overeating.

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5 take-out tips for healthier eating

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