The Benefits of Greens Added to Your Salad

The Benefits of Greens Added to Your Salad

When we think about eating “healthier” the idea of having a salad usually comes to mind. However The Benefits of Greens Added to Your Salada plain old salad can be a bit boring at times, making weight loss and  lifestyle changes a lot harder. So, next time you’re in the mood for a fresh salad, try switching things up by adding more colorful fruits, veggies, nuts, and different types of leafy greens to your otherwise bland salad for fresh taste and loads of nutrients.


Kale is obvious choice when it comes to adding some extra nutrients into your salad. It is packed with healthy phytochemicals, iron, potassium and anti-cancer properties. Try added it to your fresh salads raw or try it sauteed in a warm hearty salad.


Lettuce is an obvious staple in almost all salads and it is especially good for weight loss. 100 grams of lettuce contains just 15 calories, not to mention it’s high vitamin A content as well as beta-carotene and B-complex vitamins including thiamin and vitamin  B6.

Swiss Chard 

Swiss chard has become very popular among green superfoods. It is rich in vitamins A, C and K, dietary fiber and iron to name a few. Include Swiss chard in your next salad to improve digestion health and regulate blood sugar levels.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is made up of mostly water, yet it also has a great amount of dietary fiber, good for a healthy heart. In addition to salads, iceberg lettuce can also be added to sandwiches or used in replace of a bun or bread.


Cabbage comes from the cruciferous vegetable family and contains a healthy amount of cancer-fighting vitamin C. Cabbage is extremely versatile as it can be added to salads, stir  fries, soups and more.

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