The Health Benefits of Eating an Unripe Plantain

The Health Benefits of Eating an Unripe Plantain

The Health Benefits of Eating an Unripe Plantain

Plantains offer a number of beneficial nutrients to the body as well as many surprising health benefits, especially when they aren’t ripe just yet. Adding this beneficial food to your diet has many wonders and healing properties, from protecting against disease an illness to improved sexual health. The plantain can also be cooked in various ways and is truly a well-balanced part of the diet.

These are 10 health benefits of eating unripe plantain.

1. It enriches the heart.

An unripe plantain contains a certain amount of serotonin that actually improves blood flow, dilates the arteries and reduces homocystine. It is also rich in potassium, which further’s it’s heart-healthy benefits by protecting against heart attack and hypertension, by controlling heart rate and blood pressure levels in our body and cells. While the fiber found in plantains may help reduce cholesterol levels, which lowers the risk for heart disease.

2. Protects against anemia and neuritis.

Plantains contain high levels of vitamin B6, which aids in treating neuritis (inflammation of the nerve) as well as anemia, a medical condition where the blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells.

3. Promotes weight loss and healthy eating.

With a high fiber and low carbohydrate content, plantains can be a great addition to weight plans and meals. They are also rich in many essential vitamins and minerals that further their benefits.

4. Improves Circulatory and digestive system.

Unripe, cooked plantains are believed to promote healthy digestion while also improving the circulatory system.

5. Contains vitamin A, B6 and C. 

The essential vitamins found in plantains improve vision health, boost immunity, improve skin complexion and fight against damaging free radials. While also offering protection against disease.

6. Promotes healthy bowel movement.

It’s richness in fiber promotes healthy bowel movements, which also reduces and prevents constipation.

7. Beneficial for diabetics.

An unripe plantain is low in sugar compared to a ripe plantain. This makes an unripe plantain a great choice for those with diabetes, especially when combined with other fiber and protein rich foods. These compounds also make it beneficial in preventing diabetes as well.

8. Builds and strengthens stronger bones.

Plantains contain an impressive amount of calcium, an essential mineral needed for stronger bones, nails, teeth and muscles.

9. Prevents ulcers. 

Various studies have found that an unripe plantains contain phytochemicals, which can prevent ulcers int he body.

10. Boosts sexual performance

Eating an unripe plantain as a regular part of your diet can improve sexual performance by increasing libido and improving male fertility.

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