10 Natural Wonders of Lemon

10 Natural Wonders of Lemon

10 Natural Wonders of Lemon

Lemons are a miracle fruit with a variety of uses and benefits. They also come at a very inexpensive cost and may be used throughout our household, for their cleaning, cooking, and medicinal purposes. They are known to be high in vitamin C and may be an effective remedy against high blood pressure. Researchers have found a number of ways lemons can be incorporated into our daily lives. Below are the 10 wonders of lemons and how to use them.

1- Lemons for house cleaning

A number of leading brand cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. If you’re looking to avoid the hazards of store-bought cleaning products, consider using fresh lemons.

How to: Mix equal parts lemon juice and water in a reusable spray bottle. This DIY cleaner will act as a natural cleaning product for mirrors, windows, and countertops. For more intense stains like soap scum and dirty shower drains, squeeze a lemon directly onto the surface and scrub lightly. You can also opt for a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Old rags and t-shirts may eventually turn a dingy color over-time. Instead of using bleach to brighten your whites, just add a measure of lemon juice to your wash for snowy-white laundry. This will also help you avoid the harmful chemicals found in bleach.

Researchers have also found that lemons may be an effective stain remover on carpets and upholstery. Simply mix lemon juice with salt, apply directly to the stain and scrub.

2- Lemons for skin blemishes

If you’re bothered by the blemishes on your skin, lemons may also help with that.

How to: Squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply it directly to skin blemishes, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse. Repeat this remedy every day until blemishes become lighter and skin returns to its natural color.

3- Lemons for white teeth

Stop using special whitening pastes, and start reaping the benefits of lemons and lemon essential oil.

How to: Mix lemon juice or lemon essential oil with baking soda in a small bowl and create a paste. Rinse your mouth with water and rub the mixture directly onto your teeth., Leave on for one minute and clean by brushing your teeth. Do not leave this mixture on for too long, as the citric acid can abrade tooth enamel. You can also rub lemon peels directly onto teeth for a natural whitening trick. Do not leave this remedy on for too long either, as it may also abrade tooth enamel.

4- Lemons for a sore throat

If you’re suffering from a sore throat, lemons can offer a helping hand of relief.

How to: Garling lemon juice or adding a slice of lemon to your warm tea has shown to ease symptoms of a sore throat. The anti-bacterial properties help soothe a sore throat while also fighting germs and infections to prevent further illness or disease. The vitamin C found in lemons also gives the immune system a boost.

5- Lemons for a natural air freshener

Get rid of tuff odors in your home with lemon. You will also be getting rid of harmful chemicals by removing air-fresheners and room sprays. Lemon not only offers a fresh scent, but it also eliminates odors in your home.

How to: Slice a lemon into two halves and place it in a sauce pan on low heat. This method will help get rid of lurking odors from food. If you have a smelly trash bin, place a fresh lemon at the bottom of the bin to eliminate smells. Lemon can also act as a natural polish for the dishwasher and may offer a fresh scent throughout the home.

6- Lemons for skin care

Instead of spending hundreds on skin-care treatments, try a DIY lemon-honey mask. It is a simple low-cost skin care product you can make at home to stay young and fresh while also avoiding chemicals.

How to: Mix lemon juice with honey and apply the mixture directly to your face. Leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. The lemon in the DIY mask will promote shinier skin, due to the high levels of vitamin C, while the honey helps prevent acne, thanks to the antiseptic properties. This will also help moisturize the skin and prevent other unwanted skin ailments. Apply as needed for healthy, happy skin.

7- Lemon juice for nausea

Nausea causes serious discomfort. Thankfully lemon juice can help ease those symptoms.

How to: If you begin to feel nauseous, mix a little bit of sugar along with lemon juice and consume. This remedy is believed to help combat nausea as soon as it comes on.

8- Lemons for healthy, strong nails

Lemon juice is also thought to improve the strength and color of our nails.

How to: Fill a small bowl with enough lemon juice to cover your nails. Dip your nails in the lemon juice and let sit for a few minutes. Repeat this remedy daily for stronger, healthier nails. This remedy will also help remove stains or discoloration on nails.

9- Lemons for cleaning the microwave

Microwaves often trap odors and food particles from previously cooked meals, which can be a pain to clean. Thankfully, lemons can help improve this situation.

How to: Cut one lemon into two halves and place them in a bowl. Microwave this solution for 30 seconds and wipe the inside of the microwave clean. This will help remove settled odors and tough stains.

10- Lemons for a Natural wood varnish

Wood varnishes can be harmful to your home and health. A simple mixture of lemon and olive oil can be just as effective as these store-bought products.

How to: Add one measure of olive oil to half a measure of lemon juice, mix thoroughly and apply to wooden surfaces.

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