Top Health Foods That Aren’t Healthy

Top Health Foods That Aren’t Healthy

top health foods that aren't healthy

With so many products out there claiming to be natural, low-fat, gluten-free etc. it’s often hard to determine which foods truly are healthy. Many of these foods claiming to be healthy may be doing you more harm than good. Below you will find the top health foods that aren’t healthy and should be avoided.

Soy Products

Many believe that soy products are a healthier option, but they aren’t. This includes soy milk, yogurt, protein, tofu, etc. Soy contains dangerous levels of phytoestrogen, which can cause serious hormonal disruptions for both men and women. It has also been found to be very high in phytic acid, which can lead to a mineral deficiency.

Diet Soda

Many consider diet soda as a healthier option to regular soda, however instead of having a high sugar content, these sodas a filled with even more chemicals to give them flavor. Most diet sodas contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener that has shown to have serious side effects. Even more, these chemicals trick our brains into thinking we are getting sugar and when the sugar does not come, our bodies crave even more sugar.

Vegetable Oil

Just because it has the word “vegetable” on the label does not mean it is a healthy option. Vegetable oil happens to be one of the worst things you can put in your body. Vegetable oil is essential made up of hydrogenated seed oils to cut costs and boost shelf life. However, these oils have also been found to have serious side effects to our health.

Dried Fruit

Don’t be fooled by dried fruit, at the end of the day it is just concentrated sugar. Though it is a healthier alternative to a candy bar, the sugar adds up. Stick to fresh fruit and if you do choose to snack on dried fruit limit yourself to only a few pieces.

Low-fat Cooking Spray

Just because they appear to be low in calories does not mean these cooking sprays are healthy. First of all, the base is vegetable oil which alone is bad. Second, it is filled with chemicals and dangerous fillers. And thirdly, fat is not bad you. Instead of spending your money on nasty cooking sprays, consider a healthy alternative like coconut, olive or avocado oil.  Yes, these fats do contain calories, but your body knows what to do with them.

Packaged Egg Whites

Eggs whites from a carton are popular amongst those trying to cut calories, though you may be removing calories you’re also removing most of the nutrition as well. Egg yolks are chock full of iron, choline, vitamins A, D, B12, and folate. So, by throwing out the yolk, you’re throwing out valuable nutrition that your body would otherwise put to good use.

Fruits Juices

Fruit juice is a popular addition to the breakfast table, but you may want to think twice before feeling your cup up. Fruit juice is loaded with artificial flavoring, water and sugar that goes directly to the blood stream, which then spikes insulin. These juices are also processed at a very high heat which removes almost all nutrients. If you just can’t seem to stay away from juice, consider making your own juice from home or try infusing your water with fresh fruit slices.

Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereals claim to be healthy, but the reality is that they too are loaded with sugar. Even if they claim to be gluten-free and low-fat, cereal is still not the best choice to start your day off with. They also contain little nutrients and protein, which is why you feel hungry again not long after eating it. Even the healthier options are still processed. Consider making your own cereal or granola from home to ensure you are getting plenty of nutrients to keep you going all day long.

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