Turn Your Foods Into Superfoods!

turn your foods into superfoodsTurn Your Foods Into Superfoods!

Did you know you can turn your foods into superfoods? Pairing certain foods together greatly boost their health benefits! Food combining aids in digestion, and boosts our overall health as well.

Great food combinations 

 Black beans are an excellent source of iron, but when combined with vitamin C rich foods, like red bell peppers non-heme iron is increased by 6 times. Studies also suggest that when paired together, garlic and onions boost the health benefits of whole grains! Studies have shown that when garlic and onions are added to food grains (cooked or raw), it enhances iron and zinc accessibility.

It’s very well-known that olive oil offers heart healthy fats that improve good HDL cholesterol and lowers bad LDL cholesterol. But, did you know the benefits are even better when paired with tomatoes? When tomatoes and olive oil are paired together the antioxidant, lycopene is raised making them even more nutritious.

Next, we have broccoli and tomatoes, which are said to have cancer-fighting properties. According to research, diets containing both 10% tomato and 10% broccoli caused a 52 percent drop in tumor weights. Whereas diets containing just broccoli had a 42% drop and just tomato had a 34% drop.

Green tea and black pepper

Green tea is rich in an antioxidant call EGCG, which works to help boost metabolism, and prevent cancer. Studies suggest that there is a key chemical found in black pepper that makes EGCG even stronger! Studies found that black pepper contains a chemical called piperine and it increases the absorption of EGCG in the body. If you want even more of a boost, try adding turmeric into the mix. Turmeric contains a very powerful antioxidant called curcumin and when paired with piperine the bioavailability of curcumin was improved by 1000 times.

Brussels sprouts are another food that works well with olive oil. Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin which boosts absorption in the body when it’s paired with meals that contain fat, such as olive oil, which contains monounsaturated fats. When paired together, they help lower the risk of heart disease, and boost vitamin K intake.

Another great pair is kale and almonds. Kale is also rich in vitamin K and E, which is known to protect against cancer and heart disease, as well as boost the immune system. Vitamin E is also a fat soluble vitamin, so when paired with fats like almonds, your vitamin E absorption is increased.

Apples and dark chocolate

Apples and dark chocolate not only satisfy your sweet tooth when paired together but they have the potential to boost cardiovascular health, and help break up blood clots. Raspberries are another fantastic choice to pair with dark chocolate!

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