Why You Should Be Stocking Up On Dates

Why You Should Be Stocking Up On Dateswhy you should be stocking up on dates

Dates are becoming more popular with each passing day and their health benefits are outstanding. They have a delicious sweet and creamy texture and have been around a lot longer than you would think. It has been said that dates were eaten by civilizations as old as the Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians and are often consumed in the Middle East.

Reasons to love dates even more!

Dates are a much loved ancient fruit. They are very sweet and an excellent vegan source of potassium, fiber, calcium, copper and iron.

They help boost digestion health, and for a bonus: dates can also help constipation, just soak 2-3 dates overnight in water, and consume first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Dates high fibre content also works to help lower cholesterol levels, boost heart health, cleanse the colon, and naturally eliminate toxins from the body. Studies have found that the high antioxidant count found in dates works to block the process that allows normal cells to be transformed into cancerous ones.

Benefits of Raw Organic Dates:

  • Delicious Natural Sweetener
  • Promote good digestion
  • Great source of potassium
  • High in calcium, copper and iron
  • Certified Raw, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan and Pesticide-free
  • Satisfying alternative to processed sweets

How to use them

You can add dates to sweeten any recipe such as raw energy bars, desserts, and sauces. For a little extra sweetness and great texture you can chop them up and add them to cereals, granola, trail mix, and yogurt. Dates can also be served with raw nuts, they pair wonderfully with almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. Children and adults can enjoy eating raw dates for a delicious and satisfying alternative to processed, or unhealthy sugary treats.

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